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Whitdel Arts | Detroit | Museum/Art Gallery

Whitdel Arts \u003C\u003Cnot-applicable>>| Museum/Art Gallery | Detroit

About Whitdel Arts:

Whitdel Arts serves artists and the community through its exhibitions and events, professional resources, and educational programs. For more information, please contact us at info\u0040whitdelarts.com. La Mesa de Whitdel Arts: JenClare Gawaran, President Jane Larson, Treasurer Gualberto Orozoco, VP of Facilities Rachel Bourgault, VP of Programming Nick Pizana, VP of Marketing & PR Personal de Whitdel Arts: Pavlina Goodman, Family Day Educational Coordinator Alysa Hunton, Development Assistant Brittany Jones, Photographer Whitdel Arts is a volunteer group of artists & all-around creative individuals, serving the community through contemporary art exhibitions & art activities