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Donovan's Pub | Detroit | Bar

Donovan's Pub (313) 964-7418| Bar | Detroit

About Donovan's Pub:

Located on the corner of Vernor and 21st, Donovans Pub has persevered for well over 20 years. The clientele is a unique blend of ethnicity, age, humor, and social conscience. Donovans has been Southwest Detroits best kept secret; small, quaint, clean, affordable, and downright comfortable. The jukebox features artists ranging from Vicente Fernandez to The Grateful Dead and pretty much everything in between. The grill puts out bar burgers that are delish with fries and miscellaneous snacks to match. The choice of liquor is extensive and bottled beer ranges from Strohs to Sol with PBR seemingly the brew of preference. The people tending bar are personable and accommodating. The homey atmosphere pleasantly facilitates those after work discussions, birthday celebrations, and just plain relaxation. To many of the patrons Donovans may be called La Copita or Pattons but whatever name you know it as Donovans Pub is and has always been a great place to hide out and hang out. More of an insight than a description: Elmore Leanard stopped in once. He said he liked wine and liked it cheap.