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Reclaim Detroit | Highland Park | Home Improvement

Reclaim Detroit (313) 731-7511| Home Improvement | Highland Park

About Reclaim Detroit:

Reclaim Detroit was founded in 2011. It was developed as a part of EcoWorks's deconstruction efforts and was kick-started by job training through Detroit GreenWorks Solutions job training collaborative which includes WARM Training Center, Southwest Solutions, Henry Ford Community College, The Greening of Detroit and the Detroit Department of Workforce Development. Reclaim Detroit's primary focus is to develop a strong and vibrant deconstruction and material reuse industry in the region. Reclaim Detroit's goals are to divert materials from landfills through deconstruction, to create job opportunities in the deconstruction and material reuse industries, and to foster the development of new businesses that support industry growth. The City of Detroit is currently taking down those structures at a rate of 3,000 houses a year and is planning on taking down 10,000 structures by the end of Mayor Bing's Term in the end of 2013. Reclaim Detroit is looking to change minds on Deconstruction in Detroit by offering Deconstruction at comparable costs to Demolition. Currently materials are stored at EcoWorks's Focus Hope training facility and reclaimed wood, products and other materials are available for sale. Please call (313) 494-4736 to purchase materials. Reclaim Detroit is the leader in deconstruction and resale of a variety of materials. Let's make Detroit a better (and more beautiful) place.