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Traffic Jam & Snug | Detroit | Restaurant/Cafe

Traffic Jam & Snug (313) 831-9470| Restaurant/Cafe | Detroit

About Traffic Jam & Snug:

Traffic Jam opened in 1965 at the corner of West Canfield Street and Cass Avenue and has maintained its tradition of being an eclectic neighborhood mainstay with a restaurant that has its own bakery, making breads and desserts, and dairy, making cheese and ice cream. Traffic Jam became Michigans first licensed brew pub in 1992, which accentuates its made-from-scratch approach. The Traffic Jam and Snug, established 1965, is truly one of Detroit's hidden treasures. Known for our in-house bakery, microbrewery, and dairy, our curiously intimate multi-level dining rooms, and an eclectic menu.