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North End Studios | Detroit | Arts/Entertainment/Nightlife

North End Studios (313) 293-7344 or 248-904-5676| Arts/Entertainment/Nightlife | Detroit

About North End Studios:

North End Studios Established during the creation of Katherine Craigs Illuminated Mural, a project funded by Community + Public Arts Detroit in the summer of 2009. Artists gathered and discussed music , art and critique each other. They started with about 5 founding members and have continued to grow in flexibility and open to many projects. We opened a gallery in both buildings. We now moved.... In 2012, North End Studios relocated from 2937 East Grand Boulevard, to 5101 Loraine St. Detroit, Michigan. As an artist collective, North End Studios actively supports emerging artists, new genres, and adventurous new work in an effort to highlight ideas, trends, conversations and innovation in contemporary culture. Seasons include gallery exhibits, film screenings, music and performance events, artists in residence, lectures and community collaboration. North End Studios is an artist run studio project that offers exhibition opportunities to local, national and international artists and entrepreneurs.