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Cinema Detroit | Detroit | Arts/Entertainment/Nightlife

Cinema Detroit (313) 482-9028| Arts/Entertainment/Nightlife | Detroit

About Cinema Detroit:

Cinema Detroit delivers an eclectic, quirky and quality mix of contemporary, indie, cult, genre, and classic movies in Midtown at 4126 Third Street, Detroit, Michigan, 48201, between Willis and Alexandrine, on the east side of the street. Our hours are as scheduled; theater doors open 30 minutes before the first showtime. Park in the FREE monitored lot on the north side of the building and follow the walkway around the east side to the entrance on the south side. Look for the flashing signs that say "THEATER." POSTING POLICY: Thank you for liking the Cinema Detroit fan page. Were glad youre here! We ask you not to post content that: -is threatening, abusive, obscene, indecent, or objectionable. -is deceptive, false, or misleading -violates the intellectual property rights of other people -is illegal -references a third party website or is self-promoting spam -is inappropriate, offensive, or hateful We reserve the right to remove any content and/or block users that violate these guidelines, or that we determine are otherwise offensive. All content must also comply with s policies as well. Independent first-run 7-day-a-week theater in Greater Downtown. Doors open a half hour before the day's first screening. We accept Visa and Mastercard