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AIREA STUDIO | Detroit | Local Business

AIREA STUDIO (313) 784-9406| Local Business | Detroit


Being centrally located downtown Detroit, makes the STUDIO a viable option for off-site meetings and events when your eager to break away from your normal daily work routine. Being primarily furnished by Haworth and Haworth Collection products, our 2500sf space offers 11 different work-zones from a single person lounge, to a 40 person conference space. For the \u2018heads-down-flying-solo type to the, \u2018more brains are better than one types, the STUDIO is designed to accommodate the variety of work styles present in todays work place. OUR TRAINING/CONFERENCE SPACE This space is good for meetings of 20 up to 40 (dependent on layout), and can be reserved in 1 hour increments and all day if needed. The room is quite private from the rest of the STUDIO, and comes equipped with conference seating, powered tables, a 75 wall mounted monitor, and an AV/Sound system that is separate from the rest of the STUDIO. Rate; $50/hour NEED THE ENTIRE SPACE FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT? We offer more than a just cool spot for impromptu meetings; we also rent out our entire space for private events for up to 150. We work with many local businesses and organizations to host annual meetings, events, and continuing education courses. AIREA STUDIO is a business development and product exposure incubator, serving as a work-lounge and event space downtown Detroit.