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GO Smoothies | Detroit | Restaurant/Cafe

GO Smoothies (313) 782-3009| Restaurant/Cafe | Detroit

About GO Smoothies:

GO! Smoothies, LLC,is a subsidiary of GO! Beyond Ventures, a wellness movement. Callie Bradford, Monique Dooley and Monica Samuel have a vision of educating the community about the importance of eating whole foods and living life to experience ones fullest potential. Callie, Monica and Monique believe in acquiring optimal health through a positive mind-body-spirit connection. This inspired the trio to develop a movement that facilitates transformative wellness corporate and individual coaching, hosts wellness workshops, and crafts products including smoothies and raw, organic juices ideal for cleansing. Their facility also houses a fitness studio to complete their holistic approach to overall health. GO! Smoothies, LLC was founded by three friends inspired to promote health and wellness by crafting deliciously swirled and nutrition-packed smoothies.